10 Best Dual Monitor Stands Of 2021

by Richard | Last Updated on: June 28th, 2021 at 12:17 am

Computer, in all forms, has become part and parcel of our life work life. Greater workspace and more comfortable position translate into productivity in the direct proportion, which is highly desirable for all employers. Digital gamers find a dual monitor stand giving more fun.

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A good stand allows you setting monitor suitable to your work and body needs. Lines below brief you about 10 worthy dual monitor stands.


Vivo Dual LED LCD Monitor Free-Standing Desk Stand

With Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Stand, you can view two monitors from ergonomic viewing angles.

Vivo uses premium steel and high-grade aluminum to make V002F monitor stand. V002F supports most models ranging from 13 to 27 inches of size, and weighing up to 22lbs each.

From this perspective, the Vivo V002F emerges as the dual monitor stand 27”. Vivo’s engineered each joint in V002F is tighten-able, which allows you the monitor view from your exactly set angle. What is more, Vivo allows you raising and lowering both VESA plate by 0.5 inches for the purpose of practical alignment. VESA plates are detachable here.

There lies another convenience. You can fit V002F VESA plates into monitors first and then slide those VESA plats back to the frame. Mounting holes here size 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm. What is more, Vivo gives a three warranty to its V002F Dual Monitor Desk Stand. Vivo technical support guides you amicably.

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Vivo Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand V002

With the V002 Dual Monitor Desk Mount, Vivo provides you two VESA plates featuring 75x75mm and backside featuring 100x100mm mounting holes.

Consequently, you can choose any of two monitors with the maximum 27-inch size and max weight of 22lbs each. Besides, V002 allows you tilting monitors from +80° to -90°. There is a 180° swivel feature too.

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Vivo takes convenience further high by allowing its desk mount to rotate your monitor 360° on the one hand and height adjustment on the other hand. The first-rate V002 C-Clamp can fit desk with a max thickness of 4 inches. Vivo equips its V002 with integrated cable management.

Vivo arranges this convenience by means of detachable cable clips in the centre pole and arms for AV and power cables. Vivo enables the V002 cetnre pole to extend to 17 inches of height. Each V002 comes with a three-year warranty.


WALI Dual LCD Monitor Fully Adjustable Desk Mount

The M002 model of dual monitor stand by Wali Electric increases the desk space by enabling you view monitors in a flexible manner.

Comfort marks your working as ergonomically designed Wali dual stand reduces strain in neck, shoulder and eyes. You can fit monitors here, sizing up to 27 inches. Arms here support a monitor with the maximum 22lbs weight.

You can set up stand first and fit monitors later and vice versa. Wali Electric provides a two-stage locking system in the M002, comprised by a C- Clamp and a Grommet-Base good features a diameter of 4 inches. There are many adjustment choices.

The M002 dual monitor stand can shrink and lengthen; it can tilt from +90° to -90°; there is swivel ability; and finally, it can rotate 360 °. You can set each monitor arm anywhere on the 16 inches high centre pole. These Wali Electric supplied features present M002 as the best monitor stand.


Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand

Gas spring featuring HNDS6 model of Dual Monitor Arm Mount can support two LCD monitors with the minimum size of 13 inches and the maximum size of 27 inches to provide a tidy and clean workstation.

Each arm can hold a monitor weighing from 4.4lbs to 14.3lbs. Gas gripping eases adjustments here. Height adjustment is also possible.

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This Huanuo designed stand fits most monitor models. In this HNDS6, you can adjust each joint that gives a greater articulating effect to arms. Regarding its tilting, swivel and rotating abilities, Huanuo divulges these are -50° to +35°, -90° to +90° and 360°, respectively.

These HNDS6 attributes help you finding an optimal view angle that won’t be hard on your eyes, and neck and shoulder muscles. Suspending two monitors increase the workspace, free space on your desk, and blend clutter-free attribute to your workspace.


EleTab Dual Arm Monitor Stand

With EleTab supplied dual arm monitor mount, it becomes possible for you to view monitors in a bother-free, exact and stable angel.

This EleTab stand adds to the space on desk by lifting monitors. Besides, raised monitors are easy for co-workers to look at. Detachable clips don’t let wires obstruct your work irrespective of their position. The EleTab designed hovering system relies on gas springs for functionality. Here functionality means adjusting height and angle.

Premium steel and aluminum feature the frame. Tension too is adjustable in EleTab stands. Gas springs contribute to reliability on the one hand and aesthetics on the other hand.

These EleTab provided features support realizing a healthy work environment. C-clamp too manifests help by fitting to desks with a minimum thickness of 0.4 inches to 3.35 inches. Regarding the grommet, its fitting range begins at 0.4 inches and peaks at 3.15 inches of thickness.


AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand

AmazonBasics stands by you in creating a more productive multi-display based workspace by suspending two LCD monitors with its Dual Side-by-side Monitor stand.

Suspending reduces clutter on the desk, gives a nicer look, and gives comfortable and desirable viewing angles. Adjusting choice extracts neck and shoulder aching attribute from long views of screens.

Suffering of eyes too decline. Two monitors help you opening desired windows and apps, which gives instant information and saves you from the toggling bother. AmazonBasics engineering allows you so much choice. Take the example of a 25-inch extension of arms. Arms can be rotated too.

After it, there is secure connecting on the one hand and flexibility in setting up on the other hand. AmazonBasics empowers you to reposition both monitor with a slight touch.

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Dual Monitor Stand 32 Inch


Mount-It Dual Monitor Mount

The Dual Monitor Mount from Mount-It enables you to suspend your two monitors in the air in the ergonomic position, which blends the efficiency element in your productivity.

Mount-It fashions its MI-2752 model of dual monitor stand with performance in mind. Take the example of MI-2752 durability emanating from the steel frame. The provision of clamp and grommet fits this Mount-It product to various desks.

You can raise and lower arms and utilize the tilt and swivel options to obtain comfortable view of both monitors. It eliminates the wire-fuss through its integrated cable management methodology.

Each arm can suspend a monitor of 27inches and 22lbs in size and weight, respectively. VESA patterns here suit 75 x 75 and 100x 100 mm dimensions. Mount-It sends the mounting hardware range in the box.

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Dual Monitor Stand for Two 13 to 32 inch LCD Monitors

In the form of HNCM1, Huanuo provides a dual monitor stands that can suspend two 32-inch monitors in the air.

Huanuo provides two mounting choices in its HNCM1 model, i.e., weighted base on the one hand and grommet mounting on the other hand. Both are drilled-hole free solution.

The centre pole height adjustment is up to your wish or requirement. You get neater and greater workspace. Simply, Huanuo attempts at increasing your productivity through its stand bearing model no HNCM1. You needn’t bend your back, neck or shoulders.

It saves you from pain bother and increases your output. Huanuo chooses a sturdy triangle base for HNCM1 Dual Monitor so that it can hold monitors stably. If you prefer the Huanuo stand with base, your monitor adjusting range increases.

The 32-inch monitor holding attribute fits the HNCM1 stand in the dual monitor stand 32 inch category.


Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Stand

This Vivo Dual Monitor Stand suspends two monitor vertically. You can tighten and loosen every joint in V002L for your convenience.

There is another gain. It is detachable VESA plates. These allow you attaching a monitor off the stand. Then, you can slide back. Vivo delivers noticeable stability to vertically suspended monitor through its 11 x 15-inch base, without hogging you desk.

Vivo provides padding here, lest this Vivo stand should scratch your desk. Dimension and strength allow this vertical stand to hold monitors sizing from 13 to 30 inches.

However, neither shouldn’t weigh beyond the 22lbs mark. Adjustments gets a field day here. Take the example of tilting angles varying from +45° to -45°. Both swivel and rotation have 360 degrees adjustment choices.

Vivo increases monitor attaching convenience by enables VESA plates to separate from the frame. Vivo eases the installation by providing each V002L stand with assembly instructions and necessary hardware. Furthermore, a 3-year warranty serves peace of mind to the V002L buyer.


Huanuo Dual Arm Monitor Stand HNDSK1-B

Before shining the Huanuo dual monitor stand bearing model no HNDSKI-B, it is apt to divulge that this monitor stand qualifies dual monitor stand amazon editor’s pick category and lines below mentions reasons.

To begin with, Huanuo equips its HNDSK1-B stand with gas spring. Then, arms attached to its pole can lengthen to 24 inches. Next, Huanuo provides -90° to +85° tilting, from -90° to +90° swiveling, and 360° rotation. After this, You can use either both or one joint.

Gas springs are easy and smooth to adjust. This extent of adjustment lets you have both monitors at an ergonomic height. The Ergonomic height means comfort in working.

The raising of two monitors means freeing space, making workstation clutter-free, and giving the tidy looks. Lastly, whether you use clamp or grommet mounting, HNDSKI-B dual monitor stand remains stable.

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