10 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners in 2022

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The electric knife sharpeners are one of the most important products you can purchase for your kitchen. Yes, the electric knife sharpener has become a must-have in most kitchens, but most of us don’t really know how to operate one. That is why we’ve made this guide for electric knife sharpeners.

Electric knives are unique. They offer an intensive cutting capability that is hard to match with other kitchen tools. They also come with a corded design, making them a convenient option for a full kitchen. But they aren’t so efficient in some cases, and some electric knives lose some sharpness, which can be a problem for chefs who have to use them for a long time.

The knife sharpener market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.9% over the forecast period. The popularity of the existing electric knife sharpeners in the market has been rising due to their ease of use and affordability.

Best electric knife sharpeners 2022


Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

The Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener has the convenience and quality that you demand for quick and easy home sharpening. The unit can be used to sharpen most any non-serrated blade in the convenience of your home.

Electric knife sharpener’s twin-stage sharpening system quickly and easily sharpens most any non-serrated blade for professional results in the convenience of your home.

With the Presto EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener, dull knives can be replaced quickly and easily. It’s a great addition to any kitchen for daily use, such as cutting vegetables, meats, and cheeses. No special materials are needed, it’s ready to use out of the box.

The Presto EverSharp electric knife sharpener makes it easy to sharpen all your knives quickly and easily. The dual stage sharpening system provides fast, effortless sharpening for both serrated and straight edge blades, resulting in quick and professional results.

The first stage of the EverSharp uses a diamond disk that quickly sharpens the blade to a razor-sharp edge. The second stage finishes the job with a fine-edged buffer that polishes any nicks or burrs.


Sagler Electric Knife Sharpener

Sagler Electric Knife Sharpener

Sagler Electric Knife Sharpener is one of the best electric knife sharpening products that are available in the market today.

The company behind the product has been in the industry for over 30 years now. The company has come up with many other products too but this one is different from it’s other products.

Sagler electric knife sharpener is a kitchen tool that is used to sharpen your knife properly. It’s made of plastic and it has a simple design, but it does the job of sharpening the knife.

The knife will be sharpened perfectly and you will get a better cutting performance and it will last longer. You can also sharpen scissors and most knives with this product.


PriorityChef Knife Sharpener

PriorityChef Knife Sharpener

The PriorityChef’s Professional Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener is truly a professional sharpener. This product allows you to get the best edge of your knives in no time.

This product features an adjustable carbide burr, which is able to sharpen any type of straight edge knife. The blade of this knife sharpener also features a ceramic coating to keep your knife blade protected from damage.

The high-quality carbide burr components are made from extra-hard material to get the best results every time you sharpen your knives. Its ceramic coating is made from the same material that is used in high-end diamond equipment, which provides maximum durability while still providing the ultimate sharpness that you need in your knife edge.

The Priority chef knife sharpener from Chef’s Choice is a great investment for any serious cook. The innovative design allows you to sharpen your knives in only seconds! No longer will you have to spend hours hand-stropping a dull blade to get a razor sharp edge, just ease the knife through the professional grade ceramic sharpener and in seconds see the difference.

Place it on a counter or hang it from a hook in a drawer or kitchen cabinet. It will stay put and ready when you need it. The priority knife sharpener works with any type of knife with a standard blade thickness from 0.1″ to 2″.

This simple but effective tool is perfect for anyone who has ever struggled with the task of getting a good edge on their knives. Make sure your cutlery is always at its best with this efficient and easy-to-use sharpener!

Best professional knife sharpener


EdgeKeeper Electric Knife Sharpener, Red, 8.25-Inch

EdgeKeeper Electric Knife Sharpener, Red, 8.25-Inch

EdgeKeeper is the only electric knife sharpener that features a two-stage system.

The coarse stage grinds the blade, which is ideal for most knives, while the fine stage finishes the edge by sharpening the tips of the blade. The EdgeKeeper’s dual-stage sharpener is perfect for both professional chefs and home cooks.

Edgekeeper Knife Sharpener is the only electric knife sharpener that will accept and hold all knife and grinder blades (regardless of manufacturer’s instructions) without the use of oil, grinding wheels, or stropping pads.

Simply attach knife and grinder blades, close the unit, and select appropriate blade angle. For best results Edgekeeper should be used for no more than three minutes on ceramic knives (one minute on steel blades). After sharpening, clean blade with a cloth or paper towel and weapons safe soap and water.

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Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener

Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener

Wusthof Knife Sharpener is an electric knife sharpener that comes in the best quality. It sharpens knives quickly by making them very sharp.

It is made up of stainless steel which is heat treated for durability and resistance to rust, plating process it makes the surface of this knife sharpener smooth and shiny.

No need to use a whetstone, just plug it in and plunge your blade into this professional kitchen accessory. It’s faster, easier, and more accurate than sharpening by hand. The 30* ceramic belt removes the need for oiling, which means less mess and no residue on your cutting board.

Plus it sharpens up to five times faster than other knife sharpeners. With the ability to fully recharge in less than two hours, you’ll never need to worry about power outages again! The simple push-button design is easy enough for even beginners to use and it comes with a lifetime guarantee as well as a 10-year warranty. Must see our 10 Best Android Smartwatches 2022.


Secura Electric Knife Sharpener

Secura Electric Knife Sharpener

The Secura Electric Knife Sharpener has a two-stage sharpening system that quickly and easily sharpens most non-serrated blades for professional results.

It also rejuvenates the edge and reshapes the angle, while honing and polishing the blade. The fine craftsmen at Secura believe in the saying, “less is more,” so even though they have many other models to choose from, they choose this model because it offers the solution to the problem of dull knives.

Here’s a kitchen tool that will make a lot of help for you. This unique knife sharpener is specially designed to give you the best sharpness of your knives quickly.

You can use it to sharpen all kinds of blades including kitchen knives, scissors, axes and more. In addition, it is also a favorite for outdoor enthusiasts as it is perfect as a pocket-knife sharpener as it cover all of your needs.

The stainless cover protects the blade from excessive wear and tear. As a result, you will have the best protection for your family’s safety on the move. If you must keep on having a sharp knife for a long time, the best solution is the electric knife sharpener.

Best kitchen knife sharpener


Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener

Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener

Diamond stone sharpens knives quickly and easily. Two settings (Coarse – #600 grit and Fine – #800 grit) allow you to choose the right grit for your knife.

Please note that the coarse setting is only to be used for ceramic or stainless steel knives. Stones are well balanced and lightweight, so they are easy to hold. Please follow the care instructions below to prevent damage to your stones. Avoid submerging stones in water or using excessive pressure during sharpening.

Sharpening Stones are not intended for use with serrated blades.
Product Care: To prevent damage, sharpen knives with care using the coarse-grit setting only. Using excessive pressure will cause damage to the fine-grit setting of your stone.

Detaching the fine-grit setting from the stone may result in scratching or chipping of the stone. For best results do not drag your blade along the sharpening stone ­- ­please use light contact pressure only. Do not put your fingers over the

Diamond knives are used by over 90% of the chefs in America. They are much more difficult to cook with than other kitchen utensils because they require absolute precision. The Diamond knife sharpener makes it easy for you to maintain your knives with regular use.

This electric knife sharpener works by grinding away at the knife’s edge to sharpen the blade at the correct angle, thereby allowing for improved accuracy.

This means that your cuts will be less likely to slip and give you a clean cut every time. It’s also easier because the motor stays cool while it is running, making it safe to use around food.

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Chef'sChoice Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef’sChoice Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener

The Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener is the perfect blade sharpener for professional chefs and avid home cooks.

The professional grade design conveniently sharpens a variety of knives from the kitchen, from the cooking range, from the butcher’s counter and from outdoor sports.

This stunning knife sharpener features a precision 15-degree cutting angle for a razor sharp edge every time. With a simply push of a button, this powerful electric knife sharpener can automatically sharpen both standard and serrated blades in 2 stages – coarse to sharpen and fine to hone – up to 10 times faster than manually sharpening or using an auto-sharpening knife.

Compact, lightweight and convieniently portable, simply plug it in and sharpen, without having to draw out your knife from the block. For safety reasons, the blades are spaced at least 1-inch from each other so that no part of your hand or fingers come in contact with any blades.

The EdgeSelect Knife Sharpener is a compact electric knife sharpening system that sharpens knives in seconds. The 100% diamond abrasive will effectively sharpen blades to an edge of 15-degree angle, perfect for everyday use.

It has a long cord of 15 ft., allows for convenient placement of the sharpener anywhere in the kitchen, and also includes a free 3-year warranty.

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Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

This easy-to-use electric knife sharpener has been designed specifically to sharpen kitchen and sport knives, even Santoku knives. It safely and easily sharpens difficult blades in just seconds.

The Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener has an extra-thin third stage blade, which is specifically designed for harder to sharpen blades.

Instead of using a grinding wheel for hard to sharpen blades, the extra-thin third stage blade enables a more complete and professional sharpening. The included precision knife sharpener guides adjust to give a perfect angle for different blade thicknesses, giving you professional results quickly and easily at home, anytime.

Presto 08810 Electric Knife Sharpener is the perfect kitchen knife sharpener for home and restaurant use. This electric sharpener is easy and convenient to operate and has a built in safety feature that stops the motor if the blade head is not securely seated.

The electric knife sharpener boasts three stages of super-sharpening for a razor edge, including a ceramic-tungsten-carbide slurry stone. It also features a safety key lock to prevent accidental starting and a central fastening system for faster blade changes.

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Work Sharp Culinary Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Work Sharp Culinary Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Work Sharp is a superior kitchen knife sharpener that is the only product on the market to use flexible sharpening belts for professional results.

These belts are the same type of cutting strips that manufacturers use to sharpen their knives. All Work Sharp products are backed by a Lifetime Warranty. In addition to sharpening, Work Sharp products offer cutting oil, manual and electric sharpeners.

Work Sharp culinary kitchen knife sharpener is ideal for chefs, restaurants, food service professionals, or anyone who values a great-looking cut of meat or poultry. The knife sharpener features a unique two-sided design that offers two distinct sharpening angles for fast and easy blade honing. This knife sharpener is specifically designed for hand-held use and can create razor-sharp edges in no time at all.

Which is the best knife sharpener for you?

The choice of knife sharpener for you is important. The knife sharpening process involves the use of fine tools like steel and stones, which are not available in your kitchen. A good knife sharpener should consist of only the best materials, should be durable and should be able to accomplish the task.

Why Do You Need a Knife Sharpener?

There are many reasons why you need to have a knife sharpener in your kitchen. If you’re not keeping your knives sharp enough, you can use them to cut your food, reach for the remote control, cut yourself, or even pick up your groceries. Whether you’re preparing dinner or preparing an appetizer for a dinner party, you should keep your knives sharp.

 Do Electric Knife Sharpeners Ruin Knives?

This is the question I’ve long been asking myself, and the one that’s been brought up pretty often on my own food blog. After all, I know that I used to use a sharpener quite a bit before my digital kitchen revolution, and I can’t imagine that anyone else would either. Still, I’ve never actually seen anyone post about this online. But it seems like the most logical question to ask myself, and sooner or later someone might ask you too.

What about sharpening stones?

If you’re not familiar with the term “sharpening stones”, I’m sorry about that, but I still want to teach you about them. Some people think that having a sharpening stone is some kind of weird, unique thing that nobody else has. I understand that idea very well! It’s like having a cabinet full of 45° knives that you cook with, and you want to be the only person in the world who owns one of them! I know how you feel; I’ve had that thought too.

What’s the Best Knife Sharpener?

There are several different types of knives available in the market today. The most common type of knives, like kitchen knives, are called chef knives. But there are many other types of knives made to cut different kinds of meats, fruits, vegetables, and other different food products like fish or meatballs. One of the most popular types of knives in the market today is called a serrated knife.

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